7 Tips for Choosing the Best Bluetooth Headset for Driving

by Paul A. Cummings
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Work, home, or commute, headphones have become a part of our lives. To attend calls, listen to music, or while driving, we have our headphones on all the time.

The kind of headphones that have indeed revolutionized our will to stay hands-free is the Bluetooth headsets. We can answer calls, ask our maps for directions, and listen to music without ever having to touch our phone.


7 Things You Need to Know in Picking the Right Driver’s Headset

Do remember, your need for a Bluetooth headset for driving will be different to the needs of an average music lover. The best bluetooth headset for truckers is really important for all drivers who want to stay connected while avoiding the outside noise.

For instance, noise cancellation becomes one of the most crucial features that a Bluetooth headset must have.

How to find the best Bluetooth headset for driving?

Following are the things you must keep in mind while finding the best Bluetooth headset for you.

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Step 1- Where will you be using them?

A pair of perfect Bluetooth headset doesn’t exist as their qualities vary based on the purpose you need it from. Some earphones are excellent using outdoors, and some are preferred indoors. It also matters if you want to use them to make and attend calls, listen to music, or conduct video conferences at work.

To figure this out well, you can make a timetable and list out the timings of the things you do, where, for how long. It helps you understand where you use your headphones the most, to make a better judgment of the type you want.


Step 2- What will you use them for?

Drivers most need headphones to attend calls on their way and to eliminate the background noise of the traffic.

They need the noise cancellation headphones specifically for this purpose. Not only does this help them get rid of the unwanted background noise but also sends explicit messages over calls.

Therefore, while you’re making a list of places you make the most calls at, you should also keep track of the activities you’re using them for.

Two types of headphones can be used be bought for yourself, i.e., wired and wireless. If you are using Bluetooth headset for driving, wireless needs to be your choice.

Wireless: The wireless headphones don’t make use of a wire to connect to the headphones but Bluetooth. The Bluetooth however, is a tested technology and doesn’t harm the kids in any manner.

The wireless headphones are quite traveled friendly and connect with almost all the devices with a Bluetooth. In this article, we will be focusing on how you can find the best pair of wireless headphones for your kid.

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Step 3- How long will you be using them for?

The only downside to a pair of Bluetooth headset is its duration. The Bluetooth headphones usually run on battery and therefore, the kind you buy would depend on the amount of time you’d be using them for. An average pair of Bluetooth headphones has a battery life of 6-7 hours. However, the larger you headphones, the longer the battery life.


Step 4- Do they offer voice control?

While you’re driving, you definitely would not want to check your phone that often. Having a phone in your hand while driving is a perilous task, so it’s better if your Bluetooth headset has all the control buttons. This too doesn’t achieve much in case you want to play music or make a call. With a pair that responds to voice commands, you can make or attend calls, write yourself reminders, ask for directions, and more. Thus, having a pair of Bluetooth headphones that respond to voice commands will allow you to concentrate on the road better.


Step 5- Does it have a micro USB port?

Nobody wants to carry the extra burden of a cable to untangle in case your Bluetooth headset runs out of battery. Thus, always look for ones that support the same micro USB port as that of a phone or a tablet so that it can be charged with other devices as well.

Step 6- Can they connect to multiple devices?

Another important feature to look for while driving is if the Bluetooth headset can connect to multiple devices. You may find one of your phones for work and the other one for personal duties. A headset that can connect to both allows you to manage both your work and own life simultaneously. You can also join your Bluetooth headset to your phone and your navigator so that you can listen to music while learning of new directions.


Step 7- Do they have any other features?

If you want more out of your Bluetooth headset than the mentioned features, you’ll have to look for one that offers much better features. For example, many Bluetooth headphones provide a slightly better range than the other ones. Some of them are made especially for calling, and many of are made for daily usage.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to find the best bluetooth headset for driving, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • How good is the Bluetooth range?
  • How long would you be using them? (You need a good battery life)
  • How good is the noise cancellation?
  • Do you drive occasionally or most of the time?

Headphones have become a daily part of our lives to make and attend personal calls, listen to music, play video games, and more. However, driving is one area that demands the most advanced yet straightforward features at the same time.

For example, one should be able to keep their hands away from the phone as much as possible. Driving headphones require one to have noise cancellation in them to avoid the loud noises around and concentrate on the road.

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