What Is a Convertible Laptop?

by Paul A. Cummings
What Is a Convertible Laptop?

Wondering how you could make better use of your time? While it could get difficult to keep track of all your tasks, the good news is that you’re the pilot. It’s for you to decide how you want to get the best out of your time.

Looking to do more with your laptop? You could use it for everything from games to your business, but the one thing that you need to do it all is portability.

To do that, the techies have come up with yet another prolific idea of convertible laptops.

What Are Convertible Laptops?

Convertible laptops, also known as the 2-in one laptops are basically a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. It has the plus points of both the devices – and it does it all without compromising on the performance.

Why Should You Go For Convertible Laptops?

  • Most people love laptops over tablets since can be upgraded in terms of hardware easily.
  • Get larger RAM or more storage space when you need.
  • Laptops run on full OS offering full functionality than tablets, which run on mobile OS.

Why Do People Go For Tablets?

While laptops do offer features as compared to tablets, you can’t undermine the advantages of carrying a tablet. A tablet is more portable than a laptop because laptops are heavier and thicker.

Tablets comparatively have a longer battery life than laptops. One of the primary reasons for more consumption of power by laptops is that laptop has to provide power to various devices attached to it.

Additionally, since tablets don’t have any feature like hardware expansion, there is no extra consumption of the battery. Next, you can insert a sim card and use your tablet as a mobile phone. This isn’t possible on a laptop.

How Does Convertible Laptops Solve the Problem?

Users often can’t decide they should go for a laptop or a tablet. Convertible laptops might just be what you are looking at.

The convertible laptops provide the functionalities of a desktop as well as a mobile phone. These laptops work in two modes- tablet mode and desktop mode.

Suppose, you visit a coffee shop or are traveling on a bus or maybe sauntering in a park, use your device in the tablet mode. This enables you to use the device just like a tablet; you can switch between applications and have a great browsing experience with a touchscreen interface.

Now, your boss sues you up and you’ve to get engrossed in big data analytics or access various word files or do an intense typing work, just fold out your device and you enter in the laptop mode.

best convertible laptop

Sounds great right!

Coming on to its technical aspects, the device comes in two categories:

1. Detachable laptop:

A detachable laptop is the one in which the keyboard can be completely detached from the device, and your tablet mode experience gets much more thrilling.

2. Convertible hybrid:

In this type of device, the keyboard can’t be completely detached from the device. In fact, there is a hinge that allows the keypad to rotate 3600 or flip it to the back so that the laptop can be used or kept in several positions as per your requirements.

Apart from this, we often come across two fighting terminologies. These are a convertible laptop and a convertible tablet. Are both the things same? Well, the answer is yes and a no. this is because there’s just a minute difference between the two.

A convertible device which is more of a tablet than a laptop is called a convertible tablet and vice versa.

Now, how to decide whether it’s more of a tablet or a laptop?

There are certain parameters that help us distinguish between the two. Let’s address each of them with detail.

Hybrid Laptops

Processor size:

Normally, tablets aren’t as powerful as laptops. There are a few exceptions if you choose a high-end tablet and a low-end laptop, but it isn’t normally true.

➢ Convertible tablet: It has a smaller processor like an Intel Atom, and hence, the speed is not fast enough.

➢ Convertible laptop: It has a comparatively larger processor like an Intel i7 and is quite fast.


Keyboard size:

The keyboard size differs too – here is what you should expect.

➢ Convertible tablet: It has a very thin keypad to compliment its size.

➢ Convertible laptop: The keypad size is large enough to carry out intense typing work.


RAM size:

➢ Convertible tablet: RAM size is small which connotes no or little multitasking.

➢ Convertible laptop: The inbuilt RAM is large enough and is expandable too to carry out effective multi-tasking.


Storage space:

Most often, you get more space with a laptop than a tablet.

➢ Convertible tablet: The internal storage space is low, but it is expandable by the use of micro SD cards. Even the best tablets do not offer storage space of more than 256 GB.

➢ Convertible laptop: The internal storage space is large enough to facilitate efficient working and stores large data. You could get a few terabytes of data with the right convertible laptop.


Overall size:

Portability is one of the primary things you would love about convertible laptops. Here is why.

➢ Convertible tablet: These are fabricated keeping portability in mind and hence the overall weight and size is small.

➢ Convertible laptop: These are fabricated keeping functionalities in mind, and hence the overall weight and size are little larger.


Should You Go For a Convertible Laptop?

It doesn’t make sense to buy both a tablet and a laptop; instead, invest in a convertible laptop that will give you the experience of both the devices in a single device and at an affordable cost.

Best suited for the frequent travelers, university students, businessmen, and commutators, they are sure to help you improve your ROI. A convertible laptop blurs the line between professional or studious life and personal or leisure life.

So, if you’re tired doing your work, just a single flip leads you to the entertainment world. And if you’re enjoying a movie and suddenly remember about the project submission, you don’t have to worry and make a fuss – just flip your device again.

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