Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset review

by Paul A. Cummings
skullcandy slyr

If you’re a hardcore gamer and gaming is your passion but your pockets don’t allow you to follow your heart, Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset might be the perfect choice for you. The impeccable sound quality, versatile adaptability and various extraneous features make it stand out of the line at such an affordable price.

The SLYR, premiered on October 15, 2013, is lightweight and has a small size that makes it ideal for travel purposes. Skullcandy’s SLYR is a multipurpose headset which can be used for gaming purposes as well as one can enjoy music on it while travelling. It’s a pretty portable choice for you too, weighing just 8 ounces.

What Would You Love About the Skullcandy SLYR?

The one thing that you can expect from any SkullCandy headset is a stylish design that is sure to make heads turn around. The Skullcandy SLYR does it pretty well too.
Here are some of the other key features of Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset.

Skullcandy SLYR Review

Great Fabrication:

The design of the Skullcandy SLYR is quite unique in its design. The willowy look and fine lines sculpted on the body are quite eye relishing. This design beats the other company’s gaming headsets but of course, can’t compete with the lissome, futuristic designs of afterglow ranges.

GMX- an In-line mixer:

The device comes with a GMX in-line mixer. This has a universal compatibility hence, can be used with any type of headphones. Next, the purpose of accompanying GMX with the headset is to balance the settings, whether it’s related to game audio or the voice chat.

Sound quality:

This gaming headset is ideal for listening music and gaming purposes. It has the caliber to pump bass and high pitch notes without any interference or distortion. Although the range of the headset is not so good, you wouldn’t mind if you are looking at it for normal daily use.

Wired headset:

The Skycandy’s SLYR is a wired headset with extravagantly long wires. In today’s world, no one would like to make a fuzz with the use of wires in the era of wireless devices but this SLYR is not too bad. This is because the wires are long enough to withstand your little mobility.


The SLYR gets power from the USB connector that’s plugged in the device from which sound or audio is to be derived. The GMX dongle uses a 3.5 mm cable that interlinks the dongle and an external device that can be your mobile phone, tablet or anything. The device is compatible to almost all the devices. This is a major plus point of this headset. The SLYR uses two red and white wires to connect with your PS3, XBOX 360 or a desktop. SLYR can be used for non-gaming purposes like enjoying music by directly connecting it like any other headphone.

Fitting capability:

Although the SLYR is appealing in looks and provides a good sound quality, it doesn’t fits in the ears as easily and comfortably as others do. The headband is to be adjusted and the speakers don’t cover the complete ear. Hence, you may hear the external noises apart from the audio served by the headset. Also, the inner cups are not cushioned well and are somehow rigid that lead to pain after constant wearing of those headsets. The prolonged use of these is not preferable.


The SLYR is accompanied with a boom mic that is foldable in the left cup of the headset. There are three audio modes in which it can work to facilitate best audio or gaming experience. The in-built mixer provides bass mode, supreme mode and the precision mode. The only loophole with the mic is that it can’t be detached. So, if you don’t want to use it, simply fold it in the left ear cup. But, if the mic is completely useless for you, you still have to bear its weight as it’s not detachable.

Skullcandy SLYR Headset

What Doesn’t Work as Great?

There are few drawbacks to the device.

  • Do note that it may at times get too loud if you are listening for a long time. It’s not a comfortable one at that.
  • When you move far away, the wires start getting loosened and the distortions come into play.
  • While the sound technology works great, offering powerful and precise beats, it doesn’t support 7.1 surround.
  • You can’t mute it without the use of the console or screen or the inline control.
  • The entire control of the device is given to the console and the inline GMX. So, you have to carry it handy all way through if you want to perform any action with the device.
  • While it works well with the smartphones but you may hear the echo of your sound while on call.

Should You Go For It?

In short, the Skullcandy’s SLYER gaming headset might best suit the budget-friendly gamers. The only reason why one may disregard its purchase is the use of analog connections rather than being wireless.

However, apart from the performance issues, there is one thing that you might want to take note of – the SLYER contains a hazardous chemical that carries a warning label from the State of California. The chemical in question is thought to cause birth defects and other reproductive problems

In totality the effects are very minute and you don’t have to worry much if you are an occasional user, but we wouldn’t recommend this for the serious music fan.
Apart from above issues, this gaming headset serves perfectly with a prolific audio quality, affordable price tag, a universal compatibility and good voice chatting. In the given price tag, Skullcandy SLYR is perfect and incorporates all the features required by a passionate gamer. The willowy and lissome look can never make you step back for purchasing this gaming headset.

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