7 Tips for Choosing the Best Bluetooth Headset for Driving

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Work, home, or commute, headphones have become a part of our lives. To attend calls, listen to music, or while driving, we have our headphones on all the time. The kind of headphones that have indeed revolutionized our will to stay hands-free is the Bluetooth headsets. We can answer calls, ask our maps for directions, and listen to music without ever having to touch our phone.  

7 Things You Need to Know in Picking the Right Driver’s Headset

Do remember, your need for a Bluetooth headset for driving will be different to the needs of an average music lover. The best bluetooth headset for truckers is really important for all drivers who want to stay connected while avoiding the outside noise. For instance, noise cancellation becomes one of the most crucial features that a Bluetooth headset must have.
How to find the best Bluetooth headset for driving?
Following are the things you must keep in mind while finding the best Bluetooth headset for you. Truck exiting ferry port melbourne victoria australia

Step 1- Where will you be using them?

A pair of perfect Bluetooth headset doesn’t exist as their qualities vary based on the purpose you need it from. Some earphones are excellent using outdoors, and some are preferred indoors. It also matters if you want to use them to make and attend calls, listen to music, or conduct video conferences at work. To figure this out well, you can make a timetable and list out the timings of the things you do, where, for how long. It helps you understand where you use your headphones the most, to make a better judgment of the type you want.  

Step 2- What will you use them for?

Drivers most need headphones to attend calls on their way and to eliminate the background noise of the traffic. They need the noise cancellation headphones specifically for this purpose. Not only does this help them get rid of the unwanted background noise but also sends explicit messages over calls. Therefore, while you’re making a list of places you make the most calls at, you should also keep track of the activities you’re using them for. Two types of headphones can be used be bought for yourself, i.e., wired and wireless. If you are using Bluetooth headset for driving, wireless needs to be your choice. Wireless: The wireless headphones don’t make use of a wire to connect to the headphones but Bluetooth. The Bluetooth however, is a tested technology and doesn’t harm the kids in any manner. The wireless headphones are quite traveled friendly and connect with almost all the devices with a Bluetooth. In this article, we will be focusing on how you can find the best pair of wireless headphones for your kid. Man Leaning on the truck

Step 3- How long will you be using them for?

The only downside to a pair of Bluetooth headset is its duration. The Bluetooth headphones usually run on battery and therefore, the kind you buy would depend on the amount of time you’d be using them for. An average pair of Bluetooth headphones has a battery life of 6-7 hours. However, the larger you headphones, the longer the battery life.  

Step 4- Do they offer voice control?

While you’re driving, you definitely would not want to check your phone that often. Having a phone in your hand while driving is a perilous task, so it’s better if your Bluetooth headset has all the control buttons. This too doesn’t achieve much in case you want to play music or make a call. With a pair that responds to voice commands, you can make or attend calls, write yourself reminders, ask for directions, and more. Thus, having a pair of Bluetooth headphones that respond to voice commands will allow you to concentrate on the road better.  

Step 5- Does it have a micro USB port?

Nobody wants to carry the extra burden of a cable to untangle in case your Bluetooth headset runs out of battery. Thus, always look for ones that support the same micro USB port as that of a phone or a tablet so that it can be charged with other devices as well.

Step 6- Can they connect to multiple devices?

Another important feature to look for while driving is if the Bluetooth headset can connect to multiple devices. You may find one of your phones for work and the other one for personal duties. A headset that can connect to both allows you to manage both your work and own life simultaneously. You can also join your Bluetooth headset to your phone and your navigator so that you can listen to music while learning of new directions.  

Step 7- Do they have any other features?

If you want more out of your Bluetooth headset than the mentioned features, you’ll have to look for one that offers much better features. For example, many Bluetooth headphones provide a slightly better range than the other ones. Some of them are made especially for calling, and many of are made for daily usage. Female industrial worker adjusting mirror while sitting in logging truck

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to find the best bluetooth headset for driving, here are some things to keep in mind.
  • How good is the Bluetooth range?
  • How long would you be using them? (You need a good battery life)
  • How good is the noise cancellation?
  • Do you drive occasionally or most of the time?
Headphones have become a daily part of our lives to make and attend personal calls, listen to music, play video games, and more. However, driving is one area that demands the most advanced yet straightforward features at the same time. For example, one should be able to keep their hands away from the phone as much as possible. Driving headphones require one to have noise cancellation in them to avoid the loud noises around and concentrate on the road.

Turtle Beach xp400 gaming headset review

Turtle Beach xp400
Passionate gamers are seamlessly irresistible towards the leisure of gaming. When talking about gaming leisure, Turtle beach xp400 gaming headset comes at the top because of its sans-pareil features. It’s not just a gaming headset here but one that you could use ko matter what your needs are when it comes to experiencing sound and music.

About the Company

Turtle beach is a renowned company known for its best audio and gaming products. This is yet another gem for the hardcore gamers from their techie trove. The unsurpassed traits of XP-400 make it stand out of the line. Every staunch gamer knows the sabbaticals of being in contact with other gaming companions without any disturbance. This is one of the things you can expect from the XP-400. You can attend all the phone calls without moving from your place and without leaving the game. This can be achieved by the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Both the technologies are compatible with Turtle Beach’s XP-400 gaming headset. You can use this gaming headset either on XBOX 360 or PS3. XP400 headphones

What Would You Love About the Turtle Beach XP400?

Let’s unravel other features of the headset.

Comfortable with a Stylish Design

The XP-400 headset looks quite burdensome but is quite comfortable and light in use. They have an ultra-cushioned inner lining to provide cozy and comfortable to the ears. The speaker cups rest on the ears with contentment without any harsh effect or tiresome hitch. They weigh merely 0.9 kg or 8.2 ounces and aren’t that big too. You would love the snug fit they offer.


The headset has an excellent sound quality with crystal clear audio. It comprises of the EQ sound system and a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound that collaborate to provide an out of the world experience to you. It can boost up the ambient audio such as the footsteps of the burglars you’re chasing in the game to a top-notch quality and extent. Secondly, the device uses 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi to overcome the interferences and distortions caused by other wireless devices like mobile phone, radio, etc. The device swaps between the two bands, whichever has a strong signal in order to extend the best quality. You can also adjust the angles of the speaker to ensure 360 degrees Dolby surround sound is finely tuned with your ears. The headset completely covers your ears and rests on them as if they’re designed for your ears only. Product Review

Chatting purposes:

The XP-400 is accompanied with a flexible mic that can be adjusted as per your requirements. Secondly, the mic does not transfer the whispers, game audios and other ambient sounds over the channel. Another add-on feature is that you can hear a crystal clear sound of the other person while chatting and simultaneously playing the game.


Apart from Wi-Fi technology, the device also uses Bluetooth and can chat with the gaming pals over the mobile via Bluetooth. You can also pick up the phone calls without moving or pausing your game. This device might be your cup of tea if you’re a gamer who hates interruptions in between.

Advanced chatting features:

If you happen to increase the volume of your game while chatting, the person on the other side of the call will never know about it. He’ll not get thunder and storm noise of the game as the microphone eliminates or diminishes the audio game while chatting with friends along with gaming.

Wireless headset:

Since XP-400 is wireless, the gamers have the freedom of mobility. They can move across the house and between while still being connected with chums and more importantly, the game. This feature becomes more helpful when you’re playing on a TV screen and the couch is fathoms apart. You can simply operate the device sitting on the couch since there is no wire named obstacle.


The rechargeable battery used by XP-400 can work up to ten to fifteen hours with active gaming. If your device isn’t charged and you wish to play, no issues. This is because you can play while the device is charging. There’s no harm in it.   XP400

What Doesn’t Work as Great?

Apart from these prolific and sterling features, the XP-400 gaming headset has few drawbacks too. Like any other gaming headset, this is not versatile in nature. This means that you can’t connect the headset to your smartphone or another device with the help of a 3.5 mm jack. An additional transmitter is required to serve this purpose. Also, the syncing and pairing of transmitter and headset can be quite tedious as both of them don’t come pre-paired as other headsets. The blinking LEDs might confuse you until you get used to of them. Another spot on the non-versatile nature of the headset is that the transmitter works only with the XP-400 headset and not others. So, if you happen to have a premium range of earpieces and wish to pair it with the transmitter, you’re being insane. The headset is compatible with 5.1 surround sound only and does not facilitate 7.1 surround sound. The feature of a detachable microphone is yet another plus point. So, if you’re completely into gaming and wish to disconnect from the world, you don’t have to carry the weight of the microphone with you. You can simply detach it from the headset.

Should You Go For It?

The headset’s technological superiority, ability to stay connected with chums while playing, attending phone calls without disturbance, high-tech sound quality and extended gaming hours make it ideal and perfect for staunch gamers like you. The dual-band Wi-Fi feature is a big break-through in the marketplace. The company strives tremendously hard to provide the gamers with an exotic experience. And while it does fail on different fronts, if you are looking for an all round experience, it’s as good as it can get.

Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset review

skullcandy slyr
If you’re a hardcore gamer and gaming is your passion but your pockets don’t allow you to follow your heart, Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset might be the perfect choice for you. The impeccable sound quality, versatile adaptability and various extraneous features make it stand out of the line at such an affordable price. The SLYR, premiered on October 15, 2013, is lightweight and has a small size that makes it ideal for travel purposes. Skullcandy’s SLYR is a multipurpose headset which can be used for gaming purposes as well as one can enjoy music on it while travelling. It’s a pretty portable choice for you too, weighing just 8 ounces.

What Would You Love About the Skullcandy SLYR?

The one thing that you can expect from any SkullCandy headset is a stylish design that is sure to make heads turn around. The Skullcandy SLYR does it pretty well too. Here are some of the other key features of Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset. Skullcandy SLYR Review

Great Fabrication:

The design of the Skullcandy SLYR is quite unique in its design. The willowy look and fine lines sculpted on the body are quite eye relishing. This design beats the other company’s gaming headsets but of course, can’t compete with the lissome, futuristic designs of afterglow ranges.

GMX- an In-line mixer:

The device comes with a GMX in-line mixer. This has a universal compatibility hence, can be used with any type of headphones. Next, the purpose of accompanying GMX with the headset is to balance the settings, whether it’s related to game audio or the voice chat.

Sound quality:

This gaming headset is ideal for listening music and gaming purposes. It has the caliber to pump bass and high pitch notes without any interference or distortion. Although the range of the headset is not so good, you wouldn’t mind if you are looking at it for normal daily use.

Wired headset:

The Skycandy’s SLYR is a wired headset with extravagantly long wires. In today’s world, no one would like to make a fuzz with the use of wires in the era of wireless devices but this SLYR is not too bad. This is because the wires are long enough to withstand your little mobility.


The SLYR gets power from the USB connector that’s plugged in the device from which sound or audio is to be derived. The GMX dongle uses a 3.5 mm cable that interlinks the dongle and an external device that can be your mobile phone, tablet or anything. The device is compatible to almost all the devices. This is a major plus point of this headset. The SLYR uses two red and white wires to connect with your PS3, XBOX 360 or a desktop. SLYR can be used for non-gaming purposes like enjoying music by directly connecting it like any other headphone.

Fitting capability:

Although the SLYR is appealing in looks and provides a good sound quality, it doesn’t fits in the ears as easily and comfortably as others do. The headband is to be adjusted and the speakers don’t cover the complete ear. Hence, you may hear the external noises apart from the audio served by the headset. Also, the inner cups are not cushioned well and are somehow rigid that lead to pain after constant wearing of those headsets. The prolonged use of these is not preferable.


The SLYR is accompanied with a boom mic that is foldable in the left cup of the headset. There are three audio modes in which it can work to facilitate best audio or gaming experience. The in-built mixer provides bass mode, supreme mode and the precision mode. The only loophole with the mic is that it can’t be detached. So, if you don’t want to use it, simply fold it in the left ear cup. But, if the mic is completely useless for you, you still have to bear its weight as it’s not detachable.

Skullcandy SLYR Headset

What Doesn’t Work as Great?

There are few drawbacks to the device.
  • Do note that it may at times get too loud if you are listening for a long time. It’s not a comfortable one at that.
  • When you move far away, the wires start getting loosened and the distortions come into play.
  • While the sound technology works great, offering powerful and precise beats, it doesn’t support 7.1 surround.
  • You can’t mute it without the use of the console or screen or the inline control.
  • The entire control of the device is given to the console and the inline GMX. So, you have to carry it handy all way through if you want to perform any action with the device.
  • While it works well with the smartphones but you may hear the echo of your sound while on call.

Should You Go For It?

In short, the Skullcandy’s SLYER gaming headset might best suit the budget-friendly gamers. The only reason why one may disregard its purchase is the use of analog connections rather than being wireless. However, apart from the performance issues, there is one thing that you might want to take note of – the SLYER contains a hazardous chemical that carries a warning label from the State of California. The chemical in question is thought to cause birth defects and other reproductive problems In totality the effects are very minute and you don’t have to worry much if you are an occasional user, but we wouldn’t recommend this for the serious music fan. Apart from above issues, this gaming headset serves perfectly with a prolific audio quality, affordable price tag, a universal compatibility and good voice chatting. In the given price tag, Skullcandy SLYR is perfect and incorporates all the features required by a passionate gamer. The willowy and lissome look can never make you step back for purchasing this gaming headset.

how often should you replace your laptop

replace your laptop
The simple answer to this question is a bit subjective, and it would be when your laptop gets too old to meet your specific work requirements. If you have a gaming laptop, and you didn’t buy the best processors, you might need to buy a new one in just a few years. If all you are looking for is some Microsoft Office work, you could use your laptop for a few more years.
However, that is not the only thing that decides whether you need to replace your laptop.

Do You Really Need the New Laptop?

You might want to get your hands on the new laptop launch – the all new portable design that is the thinnest to date – but do you really need it? A laptop can be a big investment and requires thorough research before the actual purchase. The question is – are the features on offer really useful? Every new hit of a laptop with greater power efficiency and numerous alluring features, you may get enticed to buy the same. Here is one question that you need to ask – should you upgrade your current metallic-silicon case or go for a new one? The answer varies from person to person, depending on their interests, usage and pocket. On an average for most users, it’s worth to replace a laptop after six to seven years. Here is why.

Look at the Performance

Look at the Performance laptop If your current laptop serves all your needs without any compromise and your future needs are going to be the same, why do you need a new one? The brand new metallic-silicon case with an expandable RAM and high tech Intel i7 processor that facilitates high speed and tremendous multi-tasking is no good for you dear. The sole purpose of the big tech companies is to manufacture the laptops by incorporating new features so as to boost up their sale. If a new feature comes out, wait for a while before buying it. Most new launch products see a dip in prices within a year.

The Top Deciding Factors To Help You Decide

Also, can the same thing be achieved in your old chap by some expansion of hardware or something? What are the common problems that you can face that will help you decide to buy a new laptop? Here is a look.

1. Declining speed:

Declining speedThe speed of a laptop is majorly determined by the CPU and RAM. You can expand either of them. If you find any damage with these, the better option is to go for a new one rather than upgradation. This is because the expansion of RAM is a bit tedious in laptops. Still, try following options to achieve the desired performance. • Free space: If your laptop suffers from storage space problem, it can be cured and there’s no need for a new one. Simply try removing large files from the hard drive. Also, the constant storage and retrieval of large files lead to fragmentation. Try defragmenting your laptop. • Junk files: The junk files occupy a large portion of the hard drive leading to the overall poor performance of your laptop. Simple deletion of those junk file is the solution to your problem. • Clean the laptop: You may say that you keep your laptop spic and span. Still, few internal parts get caked with dust and other undesired particles. The physical cleaning of same is crucial. This is because the dust and other particles often lead to the heating up of internal architecture and dominantly leading to poor performance and weak response. • Malware: It may sound absurd but one of the major reasons for the declining speed of your laptop can be the presence of the external agents residing on your laptop. Check for the malware and viruses to ensure a good health of the laptop. • External storage: If the deleting of junk files and defragmentation of hard drive didn’t achieve the desired free space, go for an external hard drive rather than a brand new laptop. Well, your laptop should have become reasonably good in performance but if you still feel the need for a new one, smartly decide the processor. Keeping current scenario in mind, you can go for an i3 processor which is relatively cheaper rather than an i7. This is because, on the expansion of the processor, you can achieve the speed of i7 in i3 processor itself.

2. Display screen:

The damaged, fuzzy screen may make you irresistible as you may not be able to perform any task. The solution to this problem is cleaning the screen with the cleaners and sprays exclusively available for laptops or you can go for replacing the laptop screen. Above measures that comparatively pocket-friendly than the brand new laptop. Display screen

3. Charging issue:

This is one of the most pricking problems with the laptops that they stop charging. The reason behind this may be the damaged cable, battery or the socket you use for charging. All are replaceable. So, go and detect the problem rather than completely changing the laptop.

4. New operating system:

Normally, if you’re using Windows 7 and wish to use Windows 8, you just have to upgrade it provided it confirms with the hardware specifications. However, Windows 8 for instance, may not run on older laptops, and you might just want to go in for an upgrade to protect your information. PCs that do not have the latest OS are also less secure. operating system laptop  

5. CD/DVD drive:

Today’s laptops hardly have an optical disc drive. If you still want to find one and wish to purchase the same, STOP! This is because you have a cheaper alternative. Go for external optical drives which can be attached to your laptop via USB. Be wise and go for an upgradation before buying a new model. Because you can’t undermine the fact,

“Old is Gold.”

A laptop every six-seven years will help you keep up to date with technology without compromising on any performance.